OK Karaoke Vol.1 im P1 – Mittwoch Abend

Are you a shower singer, stage lover, party goer? Is Céline or Beyoncé your spirit animal? Do you rock along to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody when no one is looking and your shower has witnessed some of your best performances? Then come to OK Karaoke and show your glow in the spotlight! Come on and hit us with your best moves, sing your best tunes and get partying! For the first time in Project Eins, celebrating warm days and star filled nights, join us on Wednesday, April 19th for the best Karaoke Party Weimar has ever seen! (Until Vol.2 comes along!)
Do you have songs you really want to sing? Let us know in the discussion section of the event and we'll make sure to have them for you!
OK Karaoke is a monthly event. Like our page to be in the loop:

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